16-21, 2019


Will there be any kids programs on the ship?

While we welcome country fans of all ages on the ship, we will not be offering special programs, daycare, or nursery services on the ship. This includes Camp Ocean, Club O2, Circle “C”, Night Owls, ZSpa, and others. Parents and guardians are expected to be responsible for any minors at all points in time during the […]


How do i sign-up and purchase the CHEERS! program?

If you’re ready to sign up for the CHEERS! program, it can be purchased on the Carnival website, found here, or by contacting The Fun Shops department at 800-522-7648, Monday – Sunday, 9:00am – 9:00pm ET. Please note, that cut-off for pre-purchase online is 11:59pm ET, the evening prior to the cruise departure. If you miss the […]


What is this “Cheers program” I keep hearing about?

In short, the CHEERS! program is a way for you have a drink when you want, and not worried about potential sticker shock at the end of the cruise! The program runs $51.95 USD, per person, per day (plus 18% gratuity) when you purchase online prior to the cruise. If you purchase the program on the […]


What do I need to bring with me to get on the ship?

To get on the ship, you’ll need to make sure that you have your boarding pass, and proper identification. BOARDING PASS: Once you’ve completed your check-in, you’ll be able to access your boarding pass on the Carnival website, found here. Simply print out your boarding pass and have it with you when you arrive. If […]


How do I check-in once I receive my booking number?

If you’ve already booked your room, and your reservation is paid for, your booking number should have been emailed to you. If you are ready to check in, please follow the steps outlined on Carnival’s website, found here. If you have additional questions around the check-in process, please see additional information found here. Or, if […]


Will the artists be on board the whole time?

Many of our artists will be on board the ship for the entire cruise. However, there may be some cases where an artist must join us during the trip or depart early due to schedule or other commitments.


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