16-21, 2019


Tyler Reeve

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In a career that has spanned fifteen years, country music hit maker
Tyler Reeve has gone through an array of life-altering moments in
which the Alabama native was rocked by the intricacies of life and
knew instinctively that it was time to change direction.
Or at the very least, it was time to write a song.
And he has done just that, having a hand in writing not only some of
country music’s most thought-provoking songs, but truly authentic
songs that have seen massive success on the charts. Yet now, Reeve
finds himself at a moment in which he is ready to take his turn in the

Growing up watching his uncle play guitar and singing at the
family’s beach house, Reeve’s love of lyrics began at an early age.
“I was just enthralled by it all when it came to music.”
Reeve would soon begin doing cover gigs at bars while attending
college in Florida, working four hours a night and five nights a week
to earn some money. “I started writing and playing some original
music, but I still couldn’t get out of that habit of doing cover gigs,”
he says. “There was one night that I was playing ‘Sweet Home
Alabama’ at 2am and I realized that while the people were all
having a blast, they didn’t give a shit about who was singing. They
cared about the song. I knew from that point on that I wanted to be
the person to write the songs that people sing along to.”
And that’s exactly what he did.

Reeve would end up recording his first record in a lightening span of
two weeks, while living in Atlanta, GA. He quickly gained a loyal
following while touring with his band.

But then he got a call that would change everything.
“The Country Throwdown people called asking if we would be
interested in pulling a BBQ trailer across the country,” Reeve recalls.
It was on that tour that fans began noticing the undeniable talents
of the budding songwriter, and it became evident that Reeve
belonged in Nashville. He signed his lease on Valentine’s Day in 2012.
“I would be out on the road from Thursday through Sunday and then
would write in Nashville during the remainder of the week with
people like Eric Paslay and Jonathan Singleton,” said Reeve, whose
country music journey was featured on ABC’s Emmy nominated
series “Hitting the Right Note”.

Those co-writes would eventually turn into unforgettable songs such
as “Whiskey on my Breath” (Love & Theft), “I Got Away with You”
(Luke Combs) and “In Case You Didn’t Know” (Brett Young.)
And while the lover of lyrics plans to continue enjoying the fruits of his
songwriting labors, Reeve is now setting his sights on the days and
nights ahead where he will focus on playing his own music in his own
way. “I like taking my fans on a ride, both through my songs and
through my live shows,” he says. “I like to have them laughing at the
next song while still wiping their eyes from the last song.

But most of all, Reeve wants to be real. “I say whatever the hell I’m
thinking, and I think my fans appreciate that,” laughs Reeve, who
now lives in a home overlooking the skyline of the city that has made
superstars out of so many talented writers. “People are craving
authenticity and they want the truth…and that’s what I’m ready to
give them.”

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