16-21, 2019


Ryan Trotti

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If Sam Hunt and Johnny Cash had a music baby, godfathered by Eminem, it would be blazing hot, emerging country artist, Ryan Trotti.

With such an eye-opening scope of influences, it’s easy to see why Ryan was just officially named the Carolina Country Music Awards 2018 Entertainer of the Year!

Also nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year and Single of the Year, Ryan has a seemingly unlimited range of musical dexterity that he’s able to command almost effortlessly on stage, weaving in and out of classic country to modern country and rock, while even being able to sprinkle in hip hop elements, all without alienating fans of the latter. If that wasn’t enough, Ryan just won the Elevate Lifestyle 2019 “Best of the City” Award for Favorite Songwriter – a clear example of his songwriting ability the tremendous effect it has on listeners.

As one industry executive put it, “A lot of people can play, and a lot of people can sing. A few of them are even good writers, but it’s very rare to have an artist come along who can, not only do all three, but can do it so naturally and with such ease – no matter what the material is – as Ryan. You will be hearing big things from this guy very soon.”

Ryan is no stranger to the big stage or radio! His debut single, “Too Much of a Good Thang” – a feel-good, summer anthem – debuted 9 spots ahead of Kid Rock on the CountryBreakout Chart. He and his band have played everywhere from the House of Blues and the infamous Boathouse and right here in Myrtle Beach to the widely popular, long-standing country music landmark, Coyote Joe’s and beyond.

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