16-21, 2019


CCMC Cruisin’ Ducks 101

Hey hey, have y’all heard about these cruise ducks before? Apparently it’s a thing! Folks all over the world hide ducks on cruise ships to be found, posted, rehid or kept. We thought it was cute so we had to join the fun! We added our own twist to it so be on the lookout for these bad boys! Will you find Cole Swindell? Chris Lane? You never know! Collect all 24 (take pics and tag us – we want to see at the crazy adventures these country music cruisn’ ducks go on!) or rehide them for others to have their own adventures. Make sure to use our hashtags, #cruisingducks and #ccmcducks. Don’t forget to tag our pages:


There are no official rules but there are general guidelines people follow:

  • Rehide your ducks in public areas – no hot tubs, pools, or shops
  • You want to avoid places where a gust of wind might send your duck overboard
  • Have fun with this!


Prizes for finding ducks? We don’t know yet. Maybe whoever has the wildest adventures with their ducks and documents it? Or maybe collects the most? We are going to do something FUN for someone so hunt ducks, babes! WE ARE WATCHING! 


Happy Hunting,
CCMF Cruise Team 

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