16-21, 2019


Are You Ready?!

At this point, we’re hoping all y’all have got yourselves checked in and are ready to board. If not, you need to get on that ASAP! Click here for more info. When you checked in on Carnival, it let you pick what time you want to board the ship. If you’re not a SVIP or FTTF – we recommend sticking to that time as best as you can. If everyone arrives at any-ole’ time, you might be standing in the weather until the #324 building can accommodate you. The absolute last arrival appointment time is 3:30-4. The check in building, #324, closes at 4:45 pm on the dot. Once the doors close, no one is getting on the ship so give yourself plenty of time!

When you roll up to park, they will take your luggage for you before your even put your car in park! They take your luggage to your room so all you need to cart around is your body, passport or birth certificate, government issued I.D. and your boarding pass. Make sure it’s in the trunk, ready to pull out and tagged accordingly with Carnival’s tags. If you arrive at 4 pm, you have to drag your own loot to the ship. Don’t miss out!

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